New Technology Installations and Big Data Management

At TK Solutions, we lead the way in integrating new technologies and managing complex data systems. Our expertise extends to deploying advanced solutions like Elasticsearch for insightful Big Data analysis. Our certified AWS Solutions Architects are dedicated to elevating your infrastructure to meet and exceed the demands of top UK and global customers.

Supplier/Vendor Relationship Management

Navigating the complexities of supplier interactions is our forte. We manage and troubleshoot issues on your behalf, ensuring seamless communication with software and hardware vendors. Our goal is to optimize your operational efficiency through strategic vendor relationships.

Software/Hardware Advice and Support

Our team provides comprehensive support for Windows installations, catering to both individual and corporate needs. We specialize in configuring Windows Servers within Active Directory environments, creating robust networks that drive business success.

Upgrades – Purchasing Advice, Installation, and Support

Whether it’s Windows or Linux, our tailored upgrading advice ensures that your systems remain at the forefront of technology. We provide hands-on installation and support, helping you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

System Monitoring and Scheduled Maintenance

Innovation is at the heart of our system monitoring solutions. Utilizing Open Source technologies like the ELK stack, we develop novel monitoring methods, giving you a detailed insight into your systems and network security, including real-time visualization with Kibana4 dashboards.

Technical Support, Troubleshooting, Remote, and On-Site Maintenance

Our certified Linux system administrators and AWS Solution Architects deliver unparalleled technical support. Whether you require remote assistance or on-site maintenance, our extensive certifications, including CompTIA+, guarantee expert service.

Backup Solutions – Design, Implementation, and Support

We understand the critical nature of data backup. As certified professionals in Asigra, Veeam, and Commvault systems, we design and implement backup solutions that ensure only vital data is stored, optimizing your cloud storage investments.

Internet Connections, Networking/Wireless Networking, Cloud Services

Our team excels in resolving connectivity issues, from household internet problems to enterprise-level firewall and storage configurations. We ensure your connection is robust, reliable, and ready to meet your business needs.

Anti-Virus Installation, Troubleshooting, and Support

Data protection is essential, and our guidance in selecting and implementing the right anti-virus solutions is comprehensive. We help secure your systems against threats, ensuring your data’s integrity.

Home CCTV Solution – Installation and Support

Leverage our expertise to install an affordable, high-quality CCTV system based on Raspberry Pi and ZoneMinder Open Source software. Get professional-level monitoring and real-time alerts to your phone without breaking the bank.

Traditional Telecoms and VOIP

Our specialists provide assistance with Cisco and Polycom VoIP systems, offering solutions for long-distance calls over the Internet. We ensure clear and cost-effective communication for your home or business.